Basic Expat Training Manual The Philippines Experience I tell you the good and The bad. Arm you With Information To Help Keep You Out of Trouble Help You Reduce The cost To Start Living In the Philippines Guide You on Visa Requirements Make Visa Requirements Simple Comprehensive 212 Page manual that continues to grow The Manual has Been Updated More Than 10 Times Get All Future Updates At No Additional Cost Find Out Why You Should M...

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Philippines Travel Guide - "Philippines Insider" the Ultimate GuideThe Philippines is unlike any other country and there are many details that will make a huge difference in the success of your Philippine experience. "Philippines Insider" is the ultimate Philippines travel guide that will make you feel confident in dealing with every situation encountered.

Motorbike Licence Vietnam | Vietnam motorcycle licence in 7 easy steps!So motorbikes are the vehicle of choice for many locals — and expats. The problem is that it can be difficult to figure out EXACTLY HOW to go about getting a motorbike licence in Vietnam.

Welcome to Planet Burma Planet Burma and Planet Myanmar between them make up the web site of the Britain-Burma Society (also known as the Britain-Myanmar Society) We are non-political, a

Tours to Russia and services we provide: visa, accommodation, guided tours — Ost-West KontaktserviceShe knew everything and we spent information packed 5 hours learning so much about past and also present in St. Petersburg.

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E-book Pitch Page Accurate up to date information which can be read over in one day and you would know as much about living here as someone who has lived here for 7 years and who is in the business of helping retiree's settle in to Chiang Mai. The EBook will save you money, save you grief, protect your savings, and enable you to live here on less with a nice Thai lady (if you are ...