PS3LIGHTSFIX.COM: PS3 Repair, PS3 Repair Guide, PS3 Yellow Light of DeathRob SheffieldPS3 Repairman for over 5 years Dear PS3 Owner, It sucks to have the Yellow or Red light of Death, doesn't it' Or an unfamiliar error code popping up on your screen, or any other PS3 problem' As I write this, Sony isn't doing anything about fixing the PS3's failure, but still charging the hefty $200 repair fee! To make matters worse, repair shops are also charging hefty fees to ...

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Xbox 360 Repair - Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Repair Guide | Xbox Repair Videos Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The 3 Red Lights Problem… Red ring of death.

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Xbox 360 Repair Guide | Fix The Red Ring Of DeathWhat is RROD' A. RROD is an acronym that stands for Red Ring Of Death.

Fix Your Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Fast!Don't wait 2 months to get your Xbox fixed! I know you're itching to get your XBOX 360 fixed, and if you got kids they are probably complaining. FRUSTRATED' I bet! ...


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YLOD Repair Wizard | Complete PS3 Red Screen Of Death & YLOD Fix OK, take a deep breath – bear with me and I will run through what has happened to your PS3. Better still I will give you a solution as that WORKS...

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Xbox360 Repair - Xbox 360 Repair Guide!Been there, done that! You try not to panic and just switch it off and let it cool down for a few minutes. But when you turn it back on you get: The Three Red Rings Of Death! Now you panic! Your warranty has just expired and you know that the 3 red rings of death mean just that.